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Thousands Line Up to Donate Stem Cells to 5-Year-Old Boy

Meet Oscar Saxelby-Lee. This darling 5-year-old little boy is changing the hearts of everyone around the world, with a major outreach in his city that has brought over 4,000 people trying to help save this young man’s life. Oscar Saxelby-Lee was unfortunately diagnosed in December with a rare and aggressive form of cancer known as […]

Soldier Surprises Family at Purim Party With Return From Afghanistan

A Purim festivity takes place at the local Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy in Beverly Hills, filling the school hallways and corridors with spree of joy and laughter. It is a celebration where children, parents and the school staff members unite together under one roof and reflect the Jewish traditions, values and the precious historical events […]

Wendy Williams Without the Ring – Is It Over Already?!

Wendy Williams has been spotted without her wedding ring! Is it really over between her and her husband? A lot of Wendy’s fans know that Wendy has made a few opening statements regarding the allegations made against her husband. Is Kevin really cheating on her?  Multiple reports claim that “Kevin Hunter” was having an affair […]

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