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Fingerprint Berry Valentine’s DIY

There’s nothing like a good pun for Valentine’s Day, and this one – I love you berry much – fits the bill when you pair it with yummy berry candies, and little stamped fingerprint berries. This is a great project to do with kids. Just be sure to have a wet wipe handy, otherwise there will be red fingerprints everywhere!






Materials needed: light pink or white card stock, red stamp pad or red marker, a fine black pen, Berry Tags Template, scissors, light green tissue paper, craft glue, hole punch, ribbon or twine.

Step 1: Download, print out and cut out the Berry Tags Template. Remember to cut just inside the lines.
Step 2: Press your fingertip into the stamp pad, or color your fingertip with red marker (one method may make stronger/better prints depending on the strength of the ink) and place your finger down to make berries. Wipe fingertips off, and let ink prints dry.
Step 3: Using a black pen, make tiny “seeds” on the red berries.
Step 4: Rip a tiny square of light green tissue paper, scrunch it with your fingertips, and glue it to the top of each berry.
Step 5: Punch a hole into the side of the tag.
Step 6: Fill a bag with berry candies and attach your tag with ribbon or twine.




Photography by Benton Collins. 

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