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Valentines Day Whatsapp & Facebook StatusFacebook is considered to be one of the most significant builders of the social media. This has been making on with helping people stay connected with each other. You can connect with everyone and share a lot of basic business through the site. Same way you can now wish your near and dear ones with the valentine day wishes by updating your valentine day WhatsApp & facebook status. For those who are staying apart from each other can now enjoy their valentine day with their loved ones with sharing some of the fabulous videos and updates on valentine day by updating pictures and snaps as valentine day WhatsApp & facebook status.

Happy Valentines Day StatusHappy Valentines Day Status

Happy Valentines Day Status

Happy Valentines Day Status

Who knows with your valentine day social update you might get someone who would become your life partner the next moment. Even for the busy schedules of day to day one don’t get a lot of time to share their feelings relating to how and when to wish. So to make that possible, this valentine day whatsapp & face book status is going to be a great way of celebration. This relatively is called the personal circumstances about the celebration of the reason but still social media is getting into heights every day with such celebrations. As being said by many, the valentine day is marked as a part of love to explain your mate what is love and how do you feel about the relationship. More over the face book and whatsapp are like a platform where you can share your feelings to the loved ones with no regrets and even can let others know how precious your love for each other is. Gone are the days when people used to send letters and they would probably start writing these letters some months and weeks before. But with the advancement in technology, the whatsapp and face book like platforms have made it damn easy to send not just letters but also images and help you share the best of your feelings in the best possible manner. It would hardly take some time.

With the priority to wish happy Valentine’s Day, you can also add some of the special moments that you had spent together and if your partner is your childhood friend then you can even make it better. With the long written letters, it might even bring on a question mark that if your letter would reach the person concerned or not. But, these online and socialized media manners, there is no doubt that your wishes are going to reach or not. This is probably the best way counted on for the amazing manner to express your love and care for your loved ones. You are indeed not going to offer any illusion relating to the relationship status as you are going to get the best approach from the other side as well. The socialized media has made our life easy and comfortable. So as even you can celebrate valentine day together with the videos even though you are not together.

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Updated: January 9, 2018 — 10:06 am