Valentine Day Week List – Kiss, Hug, Rose, Valentines Day

Do you want to celebrate Valentine’s week in 2020? There are many special days this week or love birds. They can decide to date, kiss, hug or send valentines day gifts to each other.

February 14! The day of love! People wait for this day so they can reveal a love for their loved ones. Not only for couples wait for the day, even friends, family, husbands and wives also do. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by exchanging chocolates, flowers and many other gifts. But the valentine’s week is also unique due to its other lovely days. The week starts on the 7th of February and ends on 14th February. This whole week is dedicated to the celebrations of the love ending at Valentine’s Day.

Why celebrate only a day for the most happening event? Valentine’s Day seemed to be the expected day throughout the year for the couples. They exchange their love and happiness on this day and the relationship will be built stronger. If the relationship is going to last forever, celebrating a day of happiness wouldn’t be fair. Let’s get to know about Valentine’s Week 2020.

Celebrate the love; spread the love throughout the week the concept of Valentine’s week is to extend the surprise and excitement that prevails during the Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated from 7th February to 14th February.

Valentine Week 2020 List Schedule 

DateName of the day
7th FebruaryRose Day 2020
8th FebruaryPropose Day 2020
9th FebruaryChocolate Day 2020
10th FebruaryTeddy Day 2020
11th FebruaryPromise Day 2020
12th FebruaryHug Day 2020
13th FebruaryKiss Day 2020
14th FebruaryValentine Day 2020

As listed above, each day has its own significance. We will discuss each and every day in detail.

Rose Day 2020:

Roses are the symbol of love. We have many descriptions for various colours of rose and tips to propose with rose. The first day of Valentine week should start with the romantic scene. Propose your love with most adorable gift. It is not mandatory that proposal should be done with single rose: P it’s your wish to gift a rose or a rose garden.

Exciting! The first day of the week. When the lovers gift a red rose to their special person. If you want to express love then there is no other way best than with roses. However, the red roses are traditionally considered a sign of love. This year the rose day will be on Thursday.

happy rose day 2020

Propose Day 2020:

It is not love if you don’t propose. Proposal is the ways of letting your loved one know about the affection and love you have on them. Since this is first step of your healthy relationship that has to last forever, be more lovable and romantic so that the memory will be preserved for your entire lifetime. Think creatively and surprise your dear ones with the best proposal.

Do you have a crush? It’s not better to hide your feelings. It’s best to tell how much you love them. The day 8th February is celebrated as propose day. You can take the opportunity to express your feelings. This year it will be on Friday.

Chocolate Day 2020:

Have you heard the statement that “Girls doesn’t need Gold, Silver, Diamonds but Chocolates”? It is true this may sound gibberish, but that’s the fact. Girls will go crazy for chocolates. Why don’t you try to impress your girl with chocolates? Happiness guaranteed 😉

9th February, the third day of love week is dedicated to chocolates. So you can tell your loved ones that how much you care for them by gifting candies and chocolates.

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Teddy Day 2020:

Teddy bear also has a special place in your girl’s heart. Especially teddy dolls that are squishier will be the first preference. On teddy day, surprise your girl with Teddy and get more kisses buddy 😛

The cuteness level of teddy bears is incomparable to any other thing of the world. And it can be the best way to gift a teddy bear on 10th February to someone whom you want to tell that how much he/she mean to you.

Promise Day 2020:

Now we have entered into emotional zone. Promises are to be kept and not to be just told. If you have anything left unsaid for a long time, use this day as an excuse and make a promise that will touch your loved one’s heart.

11th February, the day of meaningful promises. Make a promise to the people who care for you so they can believe you.


Hug Day 2020:

This is very interesting day to be celebrated. Both of you would have had many arguments and disagreements due to misunderstandings. Hugging is the only solution to come over the fight. Don’t expect, give it. You don’t have to express verbally, a hug says it all.

Sometimes, things become difficult but a single hug can make them easier. You can take the opportunity of hug day on 12th of February and show love for parents, friends and family.

Kiss Day 2020:

A gentle kiss on the forehead means everything to the girl. Kiss isn’t always related to intimacy. It sometimes defines the sign of love. Kiss your partner with real love which will melt them.

13th February, the day before the Valentine’s Day is celebrated as kiss day. A kiss shows love and affection.

happy kiss day 2019

check happy kiss day 2020

Valentine Day 219:

And here comes the hero of our show. The long awaited valentine day arrives after 6 days with full excitement and joy. Since, you have been waiting for this day to celebrate, make it more memorable with gifts, surprises, tours and more of love. You can gift your partner with innovative ideas and mostly the gifts that are given out of personal interest such as letter, handmade articles, will have more attraction and love for you.

And finally 14th February, the day of love and romance is celebrated in the honor of Saint Valentine. This year it will come on Thursday.

Here is the full list of Happy Valentine’s Week 2020, if you liked our list, let us know in comments.

People especially young couples celebrate this week of love by enjoying each of the seven days. And it can be said that, in the spring welcoming season love spread everywhere in the air. Everyone can smell the beautiful fragrance of love and feel it in their hearts.

When the loveliest week of the year starts on February 7, the day is famous and celebrated as rose day. The other days are celebrated as promise day, chocolate day, teddy day, kiss day and finally the Valentine’s Day. So, are you ready to unveil your love for your loved ones? Yes! You can give a rose to your mother or father to tell them that you love them blindly they are important to you. You can gift chocolate to your brother and told him that he is like a friend to you and you care for him.  You can gift a teddy to your sister to tell her that you miss her when she is not around. You can celebrate the promised day with a friend who is close to your heart to make a promise that you will never leave him/her alone in any difficult time. As well, if you like someone, you can hold her/his hand to tell that you love him more than any other thing in the world.

So the special week is full of special opportunities. Here, we have listed the days of love week with their significance.